Saturday, November 8

Mini-Build Season Begins!

The Systems subteam created a game in order to practice picking up objects and maneuvering around obstacles. The object of the game is to pick up (and transport) as many tennis balls as possible from one end of the 16' x 20' field to the other. Each match lasts for two minutes: teams must drive a robot (with or without a camera) in order to score as many points as they can during this time duration. This mini-build game was designed with specific goals in mind. In addition to practicing for the build season, the challenge was created to promote teamwork and a general feeling of enthusiasm among the many members of Phoenix Robotics.

After brainstorming extensively, our team determined that we would build a medium-sized robot with a frame size of 18" by 26" in order to accomplish this task. The team felt that maneuverability and speed were both important in this challenge. In addition, the robot was designed to be durable so that damage would not be inflicted if the robot collided with an obstacle. The drive train of the robot features drive wheels as well as omni wheels. The omni wheels increase maneuverability while the drive wheels allow the robot to have traction. A roller with bristles is used to pick up the ball and keep it in place. It spins counterclockwise in order to accomplish this. In order to place the tennis ball into the goal on the opposite side of the field, the roller may be spun in the clockwise direction.

The team is currently hard at work, in terms of constructing the various components of the robot. The five subteams are using a "divide and conquer" approach in order to accomplish this task. After fifteen more hours in meetings, a fully functioning robot is scheduled to be ready for the mini-build game, which we are awaiting with great excitement and anticipation.

The links to our build plan and manual for the mini-build season can be found below:
Build Plan

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  1. Awesome! It is wonderful for you to supply the general public with information regarding the progress in terms of your robot.


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