Wednesday, April 15

Our Competition, and More!

Our team performed well at the New England District Championship Event at Worcester Polytechnic Institute during this past weekend. The team came in twelfth place in qualification matches, and was the backup robot of choice for the event 

We are extremely proud of our drive team: congratulations to Maggie Woolsey and John Williams on a job well done. Our team qualified for the FRC World Championship!

We would like to thank our wonderful sponsors for making it possible for us to attend all of the events during the season. Every penny made a difference! We truly appreciate your support!

Sunday, April 5

Getting Ready for WPI!

Team 2342 is currently preparing for their next competition at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). From fixing autonomous to fundraising to cover registration costs, the team has had a busy week.

The members of our coding subteam have been working very hard in order to fix the complex autonomous mode on our robot. Our complex autonomous mode picks up and stacks three yellow totes, and pushes the stack into the autozone. We are hoping to have a functioning autonomous mode by Thursday, for our regional competition. 

The business subteam worked to put together a presentation in order to inform one of our wonderful sponsors of the work that we have been doing this year. 

On Saturday, 28 March, the team held a fundraiser with the help of Sub Zero Ice Cream. The fundraiser was quite successful. Thank you very much to Sub Zero Ice Cream for helping to make our fundraiser a success!