Sunday, January 31

Making Progress

Our robot frame has been assembled! Thanks to Rapid Sheet Metal, we now have a beautiful frame which is ready for action!

Friday, January 29

YOU can help Team Phoenix receive $500 from a local company

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Sanford Temperature Control, Inc. is offering $500 to one of three nonprofits in the Southern New Hampshire area. In order for us to receive the $500, we need to obtain the most votes by February 26th.

Tuesday, January 26

Game On!

The building of the robot is in progress! Mech is prototyping the loader and shooter mechanisms for our competition robot; they are also building game pieces for practice. Wiring has prototyped a control robot. Coding is writing a test mode for the drive station, and they have finished coding for the drive train. They are working on vision code as well as code for the shooter mechanism. Most of the code for our robot allows our robot to run relatively autonomously.

Our team is working with Rapid Sheet Metal this season. They will be waterjet cutting parts for us. Solidscape, a 3D printing company, is also helping our team: they will be printing rollers for our robot. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for helping us to make this Build Season a success!

Sunday, January 17

Sheet Metal, Lumber, and Wheels (Oh My!)

Our team is almost finished with creating a model of the robot in CAD! We are in the process of building our loader mechanism. Our shooter is also being worked on by the mechanical subteam! The coding subteam has created an outline for the code for the robot. This will serve as infrastructure for the code for the robot, later in the Build Season.

In order to effectively practice playing the game, our team is building game pieces to mimic those which will be on the field. We have constructed a model of the tower, and we will begin working on the defenses, shortly.

Our business subteam has been researching tie-dye designs for team T-shirts. They have also been researching possible options for our team Standard, or flag! The team is also working on award submissions for the 2016 season.

Tuesday, January 12


The 2016 Build Season has begun! Our team had an exciting and productive weekend, and we are in the process of prototyping a few mechanisms for the robot. We have decided to have a combination "omni-track" drive train in order to tackle the tough obstacles and different surfaces on the playing field. We will decide what the final design will be for our robot, shortly.

The full model for the robot should be in CAD by this Friday, 15 January!

Our team is also planning on building a number of game pieces, in order to practice for the competition!

The Spaghetti Dinner has been rescheduled, and will now take place on 01 April at the Unitarian Universalist Church. Come and join us!