Thursday, February 19

The Build Season Is Over!

The build season is officially over for Team 2342. The construction of Robot Beta is complete. On Tuesday, 17 February, the team finished building Robot Beta, now named Recyclone. After this, they bagged and tagged the robot. The members of all of the subteams worked very hard to ensure that the robot was finished on time.

The coding subteam is continuing their testing work using Robot Alpha-Gamma (now referred to as "Spare Parts"). The coding for the autonomous period is partially complete. The coding subteam has determined that "simple autonomous" mode is effective. They will continue to work on the coding for the "complex autonomous" mode. Although the mechanical and wiring subteams built the robot, the coding subteam also played an integral part in "building" the functional robot. Without effective code, the robot would essentially be unusable.

While the mechanical, wiring, and coding subteams worked on the robot, the business subteam continued to edit the Chairman's essay and video. The deadline for submissions for the Chairman's award was 19 February, 2015 at 12:00 pm. The members of the business subteam edited the video and essay extensively in order to ensure that they were ready for submission.

The art subteam of the business subteam has been sewing the costume for Team Phoenix. They have been cutting and sewing a multitude of feathers onto the headpiece and shoulders of the mascot costume. Thanks to the artists on the team for turning a STEM oriented group into a STEAM oriented one!

The members of Team 2342 will continue to meet in the next few weeks. The Granite State District Event will take place on 27 and 28 February at Nashua High School South.

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