Sunday, March 1

The Granite State District Event 2015

On 26 February, Team 2342 brought their robot, Recyclone, to Nashua High School South. The robot was accompanied by the team's tool chest, "Jerry", and a variety of other items for the team's pit. The team members made last minute adjustments to Recyclone, and brought the robot to the practice field in order to test the elevator for the last time before qualification matches began.

Team 2342 performed well in the qualification matches. From the driving expertise of the members of the drive team (Maggie Woolsey, John Williams, Ryan Glossop, and Tim Zumbo) to the coding expertise of the coding subteam, the contributions of the team members resulted in the success of Team Phoenix during the qualification rounds. Connor Tess's noodle throwing prowess helped to push the team over the edge: team Phoenix came in second place during the qualification rounds.

When it came time to select alliance partners, Team Phoenix chose to work with Team 88, TJ^2 and Team 1512, the Metal Vidsters. The alliance performed very well during the quarter-finals. Team Phoenix and TJ^2 had robots which could form stacks of totes very quickly. The Metal Vidsters specialized in picking up round containers: they capped the stacks of totes with round bins in order to earn more points.

During the semi-finals, Team 2342 experienced a malfunction in the drive train. This resulted in the team being eliminated after the semi-finals. However, the alliance performed admirably, even with a broken wheel on Recyclone for one of the matches.

The team performed better than they ever had before in this year's Granite State District Event. They hope to improve upon their code and robot design in order to accomplish even more in the UNH District Event (20 March-22 March).

Team 2342 would like to congratulate Team 1519, Mechanical Mayhem, for their exemplary performance in this year's Granite State District Event!

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