Thursday, November 13

Making Progress!

Preparation for Team Phoenix's mini-build game is underway! The five subteams are currently working on completing individual tasks in order to finish the robot. The team members have been working efficiently in order to finish the individual components of the robot in a timely manner. If all goes as planned, the robot should be complete before Game Day (Saturday, December 6th).

 During the last two meetings, the mechanical subteam has made quite a bit of headway in terms of machining and assembling the drive train. From sawing and filing to utilizing CAD to design the components of the robot, the framework of the robot is sure to be finished soon. Thanks to the hard work of the wiring subteam, the control board for the robot is now complete. The coding subteam is right on schedule: they have finished the coding for the camera as well as the drive train. The business subteam has been working in order to prepare the entire team for the FLL tournament as well as other outreach opportunities. A schedule has been laid out by the systems subteam, and is updated whenever necessary, to ensure the utmost accuracy.

In addition to working individually, the subteams have been collaborating throughout the course of the project. The collaboration between the subteams is a crucial element of the mini-build season. It is also great preparation for the build season, which will commence in early January. Being well acquainted with not only one's own work but the work of others is not only beneficial but also necessary. After all, a team is greater than the sum of its parts.

Updated Build Plan

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