Thursday, November 20

The Mini Build Game is Coming Soon!

On 08 November, 2014, Team Phoenix accepted the challenge of the systems subteam- to design a robot which could carry objects and dodge obstacles. The team has been working quickly and carefully in order to ensure that the project is completed by the much-anticipated Game Day (06 December, 2014).

The robot has been coming together piece by piece, thanks to the hard work of all of the subteams. The mechanical subteam has completed the drive chassis. The attachment has also been mounted. The coding subteam is right on schedule, and is ready to test the attachment using the code which has been written during the past few meetings. The team will continue to test both the mechanical aspect and the coding for the various components of the robot. The control board is ready to use, thanks to the wiring subteam.

Last Saturday (15 November, 2014), Team 2342 partnered with Merrimack High School's Team Chop Shop in order to run an FLL qualifying tournament. Team Phoenix's business subteam spent quite a lot of time preparing to help run this event. A big thank you to Team Chop Shop for working with us in order to host a seamless FLL Tournament! To all of the FLL teams involved in this qualifying tournament: congratulations on a job well done! We hope to see you all next year!

The link to the Build Plan can be found below:

Build Plan

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