Thursday, November 27

Testing (1, 2, 3)

Happy Thanksgiving!

As the building of physical components of the robot has come to a close, the testing has begun! The mechanical subteam finished mounting some of the final components of the robot this past Monday. The robot is complete, save a few finishing touches.The coding subteam has commenced testing the robot in order to ensure that it functions properly. They will continue to test the code as well as the robot this next week.

The testing of the robot is not only an integral part of the mini-build season: it is also great preparation for the build season. Practicing time management is important because it enables the team to budget enough time for testing the robot itself. Team members also develop better communication skills through testing, due to the fact that it requires collaboration among the various subteams.

The business subteam has also been working hard in order to ensure that Team Phoenix's Barnes and Noble fundraiser will run smoothly. The event will take place on 04 December, 2014, and purchases will benefit Phoenix Robotics. Come and join us!

The link to the build plan can be found here:
Build Plan

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