Thursday, January 29

29 January, 2015

Team 2342 has almost completed their first robot! The robot is scheduled to be finished on 02 February, in order to allow plenty of time for testing. The team will continue to work on a second robot as well. All of the subteams have put in quite a lot of work in order to ensure that the robot is completed on time.

In the past week, the mechanical subteam has been building and assembling the attachment for the first robot. This attachment is an elevator which possesses the ability to pick up and stack recycling totes. Last week, the team demonstrated that the attachment was effective. The dragger has been built, and is scheduled to be mounted on the robot tomorrow.

The coding subteam has been altering the code for the robot, and has been testing the robot as well. The coding subteam played a large role in determining whether or not the attachment worked. The coding subteam is currently in the process of testing the code for the attachment.

The construction of the second robot is underway! The entire second robot is scheduled to be finished by 09 February. In the past week, the second drive train has been assembled. The wiring subteam has completed the second control panel. In the next few weeks, the team will build and mount the second attachment and dragger. After completing the two robots, the coding subteam will continue to test them.

The business subteam has been completing essays and the script for the video for the Chairman's Award. They plan to film the video in the next few weeks. The mascot costume is being sewn as we speak! The members of the business subteam have completed the wings of the Phoenix mascot, and will work on the pants in the coming weeks!

Lastest Version of the Build Plan

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