Thursday, January 22

Making Progress

Team 2342 is currently in the process of building the robot for the build season. The maneuverable robot was designed so that it could stack recycling totes effectively. The team plans to construct two robots during the season: one will have a lift which is made out of wood, while the other will be made of metal. The two robots will function in exactly the same way.

The wiring subteam has finished building and wiring the control panel. The control panel has also been mounted. The attachment for the robot has been designed, and the mechanical subteam is in the process of constructing it. A test attachment has already been built and mounted. In the past week, the coding subteam has finished the code for the robot. Coding will be responsible for most of the testing of the robot.

The team will continue to build the attachment and dragger (to drag totes) for the robot in the next week. The construction of the second robot has already begun!

Updated Schedule

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