Thursday, January 15

The Robot Is Coming Along...

In the past ten days, Team Phoenix has made quite a lot of progress in terms of the robot. From brainstorming to building, the team has been hard at work. All of the subteams have been busy developing different components of the robot: the business subteam has been preparing to compete for the Chairman's award.

The team decided to build a robot which specialized in moving and stacking the totes. The robot is tall, and is likely to reach the upper limit for robot height. It has an attachment which utilizes a hook and belt. The hooks were designed to fit under the lip of the plastic tote, so that it could be easily lifted. The attachment has the ability to pick up and stack four totes at a time.

The wiring subteam has been working on wiring and mounting the control board for the robot. In addition working on the code for the robot, Coding has been assisting mech. They helped to assemble the chassis of the robot.

The business subteam has been writing essays and is in the process of filming a video for the Chairman's award.

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