Monday, January 5

The Build Season is Underway!

On Saturday, 03 January, 2015, FIRST released information about the game for this season. The build season has begun! After a weekend of brainstorming, Team Phoenix has developed two main ideas in regards to the robot. The strategy surrounding the robot designs will enable the team to score as many points as possible, while focusing their resources on a few of the main aspects of the challenge.

The team has narrowed down its options, and is currently prototyping the robot. One design utilizes a hook and elevator: the other makes use of an arm and an elevator. The team plans to focus on stacking the totes using a circulating belt. This will enable the team to score as many points as possible by stacking the totes.

The team plans to finish prototyping by Friday. After the prototyping is complete, the construction of the robot will begin!

Game Information

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