Thursday, April 24

2014 Chairman's Award Video

BattleCry @ WPI 15

Team 2342 will be participating in BattleCry @ WPI 15. The team is looking forward to competing in this off-season event. For more information about BattleCry, please see their website:

Tuesday, April 15

New Leaders for 2015 Season

Team Lead: Sabra
Systems Lead: Georges
Mechanical Lead: Devony
Wiring Lead: Ryan G.
Coding Lead: Henri
Safety Captain: Liam
Business Lead: Liam
Marketing Lead: Aditya
Webmaster: Georges

Monday, April 14

Open Houses

Join us! FIRST Robotics Team 2342 is having three open houses on Thursday, August 28th, Thursday, September 4th, and Tuesday, September 9th. Click here for more information.

We Won the Judges Award!

Team 2342 has won the Judges Award from the 2014 Pine Tree District Event!
This Team provides a unique opportunity for students from traditional and nontraditional educational environments to connect, work together, building their shot for the future. Their team crosses formal boarders with their reach as great as the shot of their bot Darth M.O.L.