Thursday, December 11

The Mini-Build Season Has Ended

The six wonderful weeks of the mini-build season have come to an end. After working hard to ensure that the robot was completed on time, Team Phoenix had a very exciting game day on Saturday, 06 December. Twenty team members competed on Saturday in teams of two, in order to win the 2014-15 Mini-Build Game. Ryan Glossop and Nick Zumbo won first place; Bryce Stack and John Williams came in second place. Congratulations to all of the teams for a job well done!

The Build Season will officially begin on 03 January, 2015!

Check out our new Safety Animiation

Many thanks to all the team members who helped put this together!

Saturday, December 6

The Game Rankings - Live!

The rankings for the teams of students in the Mini-Build Season Game are now live! Check out to see who's winning.

The Game!

In approximately 26 hours, Team 2342 will put their driving skills to the test in our Mini-Build game! The robot is complete, and driving practice has begun! Tomorrow, each of the two-person teams will have the opportunity to score as many points as possible by maneuvering around obstacles and picking up objects. Our small and versatile robot will be put to the test.

This past Thursday, Team Phoenix held a fundraiser at Barnes and Noble. It went very well, thanks to the careful preparation done by the business subteam. From demonstrating how robots work to reading books to children, Team Phoenix had a very successful fundraiser. Thanks to all who supported Team Phoenix on Thursday. It isn't too late to support the team: the online code will remain active until Monday, 08 December, 2014.

Please find the code and link to the Barnes and Noble website below:
bookfair ID 11359767
Barnes and Noble Website