Saturday, May 31

We even fixed our sponsor panel. Isn't it pretty?

Another win!

Our alliance was one robot short (2342 partnered with 131), but both robots scored in autonomous and we finished the match with twice as many points as the other 3-bot alliance.

Won 1st Match

At Mayhem on the Merrimack.  Having trouble with the elevation drive but we think we fixed it.

Sunday, May 25

Won first Quarter Final Match

We won our first quarter final match here at BattleCry!!!!

Another win and an awesome match!

We won a match!

We won 187 to 47! And autonomous worked!!!

Sucessful Game @ BattleCry

Team 2342 almost won our last match here at BattleCry, however our robot did very well. We scored two trus shots and successfully completed two two robot cooperation passes. The final score was 102 for the Blue Alliance and 118 for the Red Alliance.

Saturday, May 24

Thursday, May 1

Mayhem in Merrimack @ Merrimack High School

Team 2342 will be competing in the Mayhem in Merrimack off season competition hosted by Team 166 Chop Shop. This event will take place at Merrimack High School on May 31st. See the event website at for more information.