Sunday, February 28

Bagged, Tagged, and Ready!

After a significant amount of hard work, our robot was bagged and tagged on Tuesday, 23 February. Our robot is a high goal shooter with breaching capabilities, and we look forward to working with other teams at the Granite State District Event, this weekend!

We will continue to do testing with our second robot until the first event. We would like to thank Rapid Machining for helping us to lighten our robot!

Wednesday, February 10

Making Progress

Our team is making great progress! Our mechanical subteam has mounted more components for the robot; the some brush mounts have been added as well. Our battery box is almost assembled! We are well on our way to completing our first robot!

Coding has been working hard on testing our robot. The vision tracking for the "boulders" is almost completely functional, and autonomous testing is underway.

Our electrical subteam is working on wiring our second control board! The first control board is complete.

Our business subteam has been doing research on drive costumes and possible improvements to the mascot costume. Additionally, our team has increased our presence in social media!

We would like to thank Rapid Sheet Metal and Solidscape for their physical contributions to our robot, this season!

Sunday, February 7

Up and Running!

Our robot chassis is now assembled, and it sits proudly on top of our drive train! Mech has installed wheels and treads on the drive train! Today, Mech also mounted motors, encoders, and an actuator. Additionally, game pieces have been constructed by our Mech students. The newest addition to our obstacle collection is the "rough terrain!" Our robot successfully made its way through the obstacle a few times, yesterday!

Team 2342's scouting system has been upgraded! Our team now has a scouting app which will be ready for use in the next few weeks! During competitions, our match scouts will be able to enter data about matches into a database. This will be extremely helpful during alliance selection!

Electrical has finished the first control board, and they are well on their way to finishing the second one!

Coding has been working hard to improve our robot's "vision," and the robot can now almost completely track the "boulder." Autonomous testing of the drive train has commenced.

The team standard has been designed, and is set to be ordered soon! We now have a student-designed tie-dye pattern for our T-shirts, as well as a prototype for drive costumes.

Great work, team!