Thursday, February 12

Robot Alpha-Gamma Is Under Construction!

In the past month, Team Phoenix has been working hard in order to ensure that the first robot was completed on time. Nicknamed Robot Beta, the team's first robot with a metal attachment is nearly complete, and is functioning properly. The team has been building their second robot, nicknamed Robot Alpha/Gamma. This robot initially had a wooden test attachment. The team is currently in the process of building a second metal attachment, which will be attached to the drive train of Robot Alpha.

Both Robot Beta and Robot Gamma will be physically identical if all goes well. The metal attachments are slightly different from the original wooden test attachment, but essentially function the same way. Metal hooks are used to lift the recycling totes and stack them. On the metal attachments, there are more hooks to lift each tote. The metal attachments can stack four totes, while the wooden attachment could stack three.

The mechanical, wiring, and coding subteams have been hard at work during the past few weeks. The mechanical subteam has been responsible for the majority of the physical building of the robot. The wiring subteam has been working with the mechanical subteam in order to ensure that the electrical portion of the robot is working properly. The coding subteam has been testing the first robot, and will continue to test and modify their code for the autonomous and teleoperated periods of the match.

The business subteam has been working on the Chairman's video and essay. They have also been completing the questions for the Entrepreneurship and Woodie Flowers Awards. On 07 February, the business subteam completed the first take of the Chairman's video. They will complete a second version of the video this Saturday, 14 February. The team is also sewing the Phoenix mascot :)

On 11 February, a handful of the members of Team 2342 taught a class at the Academy for Science and Design's SPARK Day. Students in grades 7-12 learned about FIRST Robotics, and what it means to be a part of an FRC team. They had the chance to learn about this year's challenge. The team also brought Robot Alpha to ASD on Wednesday. Students had the chance to drive the robot and stack recycling totes, just as Robot Beta and Robot Gamma will do in the competition on 27 February.


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