Thursday, May 28

Governor Hassan Drives Recyclone!

Team Phoenix brought Recyclone and Spare Parts to ASD's Symposium Promoting the Advancement of Real-World Knowledge. Governor Maggie Hassan made a stop at ASD to learn more about the SPARK Day. She attended Team Phoenix's course on FIRST Robotics, and drove Recyclone: she made a beautiful stack of totes. The governor also signed our robot, Recyclone. Thank you very much, Governor Maggie Hassan, for proclaiming 2015 to be a "year of STEM!"

Sunday, May 24

BattleCry and More!

Team 2342 is currently attending the BattleCry event at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. This is a fun, off-season event which WPI has hosted for several years. At BattleCry, team members who were not on the drive team during the regular season have the chance to drive. I'lish Murphy and Eric Christiansen are the drivers for this event: Greg Christiansen is the operator, and Chris Tessier is the human player. Maggie Woolsey, one of the members of the drive team during the regular season, is the drive coach for this event.

Team 2342 will continue to operate during the summer, this year. The main foci of the team will be fundraising and training for the upcoming season. 

Tuesday, May 19

New Leaders for 2016 Season

Congratulations to our new student leaders!

Team Leader: Sabra
Systems Leader: Georges
Electrical Leader: Chris
Mechanical Leader: Devony
Software Leader: Will
Business Leader: Bryce

Thursday, May 14

Election Day Is Coming Up!

It's election season! Team 2342 will be electing subteam leads on Monday, 18 May. The team will be electing a team lead as well.

The team is preparing to go to the Battle Cry event at WPI over Memorial Day Weekend. This event will give anyone on the team a chance to drive the robot, if they wish to do so. The team is very excited to attend this off-season event! It will be a great opportunity to practice driving, and to interact with other teams.

Thursday, May 7

Decisions, Decisions...

Team Phoenix met on Monday, 04 May to discuss their plans for the upcoming season. From fundraising to training, the team covered all of their bases (and whiteboards) at this meeting!

Team Phoenix plans to increase the amount of time that they spend on fundraising: the team's average rate of growth from year to year requires additional funds. The team discussed ideas in terms of corporate sponsorships and private donations. The team also brainstormed ideas for fundraising, ranging from pancake breakfasts to custom water bottles.

The team is planning to meet during the summer, in order to develop plans for training and the upcoming mini-build season. The team might open up the mini-build competition to other teams as well, in the coming years. This will strengthen the bond between the teams in the area, and it will also foster a spirit of healthy competition.

The election for subteam leads will take place on 18 May.

Friday, May 1

Team Phoenix at the World Championship!

Team Phoenix performed extremely well this season, and qualified for the FIRST World Championship! Using planes, buses and automobiles, the team made their way to St. Louis. At the Championship, Team Phoenix made their way to the playoffs within the Archimedes Division. As the captains of the seventh seeded alliance, the team members chose teams 4201, 5403, and 3602. Although the alliance was eliminated during the quarterfinals, Team Phoenix performed extremely well this year! Congratulations to the members of our drive team, Maggie Woolsey, John Williams, Ryan Glossop, and Timothy Zumbo on a job well done.

We would like to thank all of the students, parents, and mentors who are involved with the team. In addition, we would like to thank our sponsors: every penny counts! We are extremely thankful for your ongoing support!